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A Week In The Life.

DCIM100GOPROI call myself a drum circle and rhythm event facilitator and often wondered if people really know what I do. So I thought that it might be useful to see what the day to day work of a drum circle and rhythm event facilitator entails. I took the GOPRO on the road and recorded my events over one week in August. I do alot of work with people with particular needs and issues and in respect to those lovely people I have not included their circles, hopefully maybe another time. As often in this work in the words of the drummer of the Rolling Stones Charlie Watts who when asked what it was like being in the Stones for 25 years replied 20 years of hanging around and 5 years of playing. As a DCF I spend a huge amount of time driving, on the telephone ( Not at the same time ), setting up chairs, counting chairs, re-counting chairs, putting out drums, counting drums, recounting drums and then packing it all away again at the end. So to get a flavour of an average week please feel free to have a look.




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