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All in the circle is not what it appears.

img_2513Over the last week a circle whose contrasting experiences have struck me and further opened up awareness of what is going on around me, never taking anything for granted and questioning everything even what is going on inside for me. In the circle a participant spent the entire circle refusing to sit down, walking around the middle, tapping on peoples drums occasionally, kicking out into thin air, moving around consistently, throwing their arms out and occasionally shouting out. As I sat there I checked in with myself that everything was ok, but I became worried about the circle, the lack of eye contact with people, reading what was going on and with other participants who were becoming a little unsettled as was I. Despite the continued protestations of the carers the participant continued in the centre. We had a short break and as we then continued and the same experience unfolded. However the unusual had now become the expected and we settled again into drumming, fun and games.

At the end of the circle whilst clearing away with the help of some of the volunteers they shared their experience of the circle. That the participant was non-verbal, took part in nothing, usually sat by themselves in a solitary repetitive routine until leaving. For them to have witnessed the behaviour that I had was amazing. So all in the circle is not what is appears to you and always check in and seek feedback.

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