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Challenging Disability through Drumming Part 1.

I am humbled by the job that I love doing. One of my sessions lately was with 4 severley exceptional children and their carers. One of them sat in the centre of our small circle on the coloured carpet dots I provide and covered his eyes with both hands and rocked back and forward for the entire session. I provided two small hand drums for him to use, one either side if he wanted to and he occasionally did. In my sessions I do a very small chant, which we all do together, with hand movements and drums if we can. When it was time for his solo, he would bash his drum if he could or he would just rock. Then at the end as we came to a close, this beautiful young boy in hushed tones rocked to and fro and sang our little chant, to the amazement of the carers. I am choked just writing about it. A truly amazing moment for me and the carers. I love this job I truly do.

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