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Challenging Disability through Drumming Part 3.

A Facilitators Perspective.

I am very lucky to be able to drum with a diverse number of special needs groups, which is hugely rewarding. However from a facilitators perspective I find it sometimes hard to judge if the session went well. I have realised that alot of this says more about me than it does about the beautiful people I get to play with. I am often greeted at the close of a session by an organiser who is amazed at the impact of the session on their clients. In turn I too am often amazed when told the story of a young person and their issues and what a great success the drumming was for them. I arrive at a session and I have no preconceptions. I work with them all as people, I hold that space we have together at that time to allow them to explore the drum, sound, music, story and what it means to them in that moment in what ever way they can, but most of all I give it my all. I hold no preconceptions, I accept everyone who is with me as they are with no labels, no condtions and no judgement and together we play. We never fail to move forward to explore and to challenge what other people think we are all capable of. Sometimes at the end individual stories unfold before me told by one of the carers and I never fail to be impressed at the power of the drum to reach out and touch everyone at a deep level challenging myself, the carer, the people I am working with and most of all disability.

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