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Client Feedback

UnknownContinuing on from my previous short post about feedback that you as a facilitator are often unaware of  comes the direct form that you are aware. When someone speaks or writes to you and lets you know the effect the work that you have been doing has on them. I received some from one of my workshops and felt compelled to share it as it sums up what I am about.

” It was such fun I never expected to enjoy it that much! ! It helped to stop me feeling sorry for myself!
You made it so easy and relaxed with no pressure to get things right “.

In that short sentence the feedback summed up what I aim to achieve in my sessions.  Make them fun, no pressure, relaxing and that one very special thing that drumming does. That “In the moment time” that takes you out of yourself and away from what is going on in your life for the time that we are together. Encompassed in one piece of feedback.

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