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Ray has spent 25 years working in the corporate world, across the globe (Europe, Middle East, Dubai, South Africa, and Jamaica) understanding time pressured  work, deadlines, team working and can bring that expertise to your session.  Using his proven skills as a manager, leader, facililitator, counsellor and drummer in a fun filled experiential experience Ray is able to educate, enhance and explore your companies message or learning outcome.

Introducing your group to rhythm play through drums; exploring pulse and rhythm in an improvised drumming and music making sessions and  create an interactive musical environment using drums, percussion and voice to create a collective rhythmical piece of work involving collaboration between all the participants.

Drum with Us provides all the drums and percussion that allows all of this to take place.

Using creativity and the drum to:

  • Break down barriers
  • Support learning and organisational development
  • Co-operation
  • Connectivity
  • Enhance relationships
  • Leaderships skills
  • Community
  • Group and Invidual empowerment.
  • Teamworking
  • Confidence building
  • Active listening
  • Stress release

To highlight focused solutions, skills, to utilise ourselves as the most important tool in our learning and also to especially celebrate success.

Using drums, sound shapes, boomwhakers and percussion, Drum with Us provide tailored programmes and team building events that work in tandem and support your corporate building themes which encourage creativity and creative thinking, promote team building, effective cooperation and expression communication, working together and interaction through maximum participation.

We also provide event icebreakers and conference energisers to break down barriers, motivate staff and quickly build rapport accelerating the productivity of your event.

Previous event customers include staff of George Abbott School, CRUSE Bereavement Counsellors, See – Ability Regional Managers, Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward Estate Agents staff and management team and The Grange staff and management team. View testimonials of Drum with Us.

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