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Drumming and Singing in Schools.

IMG_4572I was drumming recently when in a short break  between circles I was chatting to a primary school teacher. We were talking about the current state of the education system, but specifically music or to some extent the lack of it. The teacher had been trying to get drumming into a school without much success. We discussed the many benefits of drumming initially the removal of any risk of a mistake because it is just a drum right ! All you do is hit it. Then to discussing cross lateral development, hand eye co-ordination, participation, co-operation, listening, acceptance, leadership, safe emotional release, fun, sharing, exercise and performance skills all through just hitting a drum. Most importantly you cannot make a mistake ( My Mantra ). We then moved onto singing and the almost death of singing in some schools and the many benefits of group singing. The teacher was of the opinion that all the schools needed was a set of drums a willingness to sing and play regularly to enhance children’s social and academic skills rather than dishing out sporadic tasters of this instrument and that instrument. I am looking forward to drumming and singing with this school.

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