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Drumming and Special Needs Feedback

I have been very fortune to have been drumming with a great bunch of people at The Grange in Leatherhead which is a special needs centre. They have been brilliant and really enjoy their sessions as do I.  We have had some great grooves going and lots and lots of FUN.

The Grange in ful shaker flow

I am a profoundly deep believer in the use of the drum in all areas of life be it work, rest or play and always feel privileged to see the effect it has on people even when you are not sure how the session went. It is also really great when you get tangible feedback from people about this.

Below is a letter that I received from the HR Manager around the sessions I have been doing with them.

Ray came to us here at the Grange and captivated all of us, Service Users, Volunteers and Staff alike, by his energy and enthusiasm. He quickly established a rapport with our service users, which if I had not witnessed it myself, I would have thought impossible to achieve in such a short period of time. He brought together individuals with a wide range of learning and physical disabilities and produced moments of sheer magic for all of us. The joy on the faces of all really summarises what we all felt. The experience was adjusted to exactly the right level of challenge and support. Challenging all of us to be creative with control and then supporting and encouraging us in his unique style. Learning became fun, creative and developmental Our mission is to Inspire Independence and the therapeutic value of the experience cannot be underestimated. The feedback I received was without exception, extremely positive and whilst Ray tailored the event to meet the needs and abilities of our particular group, I cannot envisage any group of individuals who would not benefit from the experience, irrespective of their level of ability and I am convinced the process is as valuable in a corporate team building situation as it was for our very special group. As a result, we have now asked Ray to contribute to our ongoing day services provision in the future I defy anyone to be there and not be inspired by the experience!

Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss how it worked for us.

Terence Firth HR Manager The Grange Centre.

You know some time you just don’t know then some one sends you something like this.


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