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Education / Schools

Drum with Us continues to working with a broad range of schools developing and tailoring specific programmes ranging from :

  • Fun filled experiential rhythmical experiences
  • Specific performance pieces.
  • Programs tackling specific issues or supporting specific educational outcomes such as diversity and anti-bullying.
  • Curriculum enrichment
  • Curriculum support.

Programs that can encompass skills such has leadership, listening, co-operation, co-ordination, community building and friendship and that can challenge preconceptions within students and staff.

I have worked in schools and colleges leading and developing educational programs in support of  stress release / relief and pupil support programs prior to and during exams. Drum with Us has used its own (Person centred) and developed programs (HealthRhythms) especially aimed at students and pupils to look at stress, communication and emotional release through the use of the drum.

We are able to offer culturally specific sessions encompassing the history of the instruments, the cultures and their influence on international music and learning to play a very simple or advanced multi instrumental piece encompassing polyrhythms on drums and percussion.

Drum with Us is also able to provide specific assistance to a broad spectrum of learning support environments.

“ Many thanks for delivering a great workshop ” Adele – Workshops for Schools

“ Keep drumming and thanks for a great contribution ” St Lawrences School, Effingham

“ Very enthusiastic response from the children best African drumming workshop I’ve been on ( And I have been to a few). Glenwood School, Birmingham