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Its Not About the Drumming.

” Its Not About The Drumming “

I was struck by a comment that I heard in a radio interview with a fellow drum circle facilitator a few weeks ago that for her it was ” Not about the drumming ”  It was a comment that really resonanted with me, it summed up for me where my drumming is  coming from. This work is not about drumming, it is so much more than that.

There are drummers out there and I count myself sometimes amongst them who really enjoy drumming, working and playing with other drummers, cutting loose at pace, in rhythm with the intention of playing at their limits ( That’s my drumming down time )

However drumming for me is just so much more than that. The actual process of attending a drum circle brings people together be they class mates, work mates, drummers,  service users, total strangers, young or old into a space be it school hall, community hall, dining room or if you are lucky outside.

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” Great power lies within us. What has been missing is the mechanism for organising this power. I believe this mechanism of empowerment or action is the circle “

Christine Baldwin… Calling the Circle.


People come together and through drumming they connect to each other and themselves. In western cultures we have become an oral and visual set of peoples and lost the ability to connect to feelings, ourselves, others, our intuition and to rhythm. Through the drum circle we start to reconnect to those intuitive skills, other parts of ourselves and others around us.

” There is no audience, no rehearsal, no right or wrong, no teacher, it is inclusive, spontaneity thrives and its about much more than drumming “

Christine Stevens….The Art and Heart of Drum Circles.

There is no judgementalism we are all there in that moment, contributing what we want to, how we want to, when we want to whether that contribution is one note or a pattern of notes it does not matter, you are part of the group connecting to the sound, the rhythm, your chosen instrument, ourselves and those around us. It is not about the music, that is the useful by product.

” This ability to step outside of day to day events is one of drumming’s most educative and liberating characteristics “

Russell Buddy Helm…Drumming the Spirit to Life.

For the time that we choose to be in the circle we are not thinking of ourselves, our stresses, worries or concerns we are in the moment, for that moment, contributing to that moment. It unites as all regardless of ability, creed, colour or age. When people leave the circle they have for that short time been taken out of themselves, been released from their issues or problems be it maybe only momentarily or for some longer.

This is what the drumming is about.


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