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October Strains

The second toe steps into the murky world of electronic media to bring another update on drumming and anything that takes my fancy front. Its been an interesting couple of months, one of growth and also another one of reflection .

Off we go to spread a little more rhythm.

Have drums will travel.

” There is no audience, no rehearsel, no right or wrong, no teacher, it is inclusive, spontaneity thrives and its about much more than drumming ”

Christine Stevens.

This adventure that I have embarked upon and the work connected to it continues to flow and happen around me, but I can always make room for more so come on board. I had a great community circle in Fulham, even had some fireman playing Djembes, fair play to them they took some stick from their work mates who stood and watched from a distance. They had never played a drum before and always wanted to. They really enjoyed it as did the others that were there as well. The whole event was not particulalry well attended, but we were kept very busy and had some really good grooves and laughs with those that did turn up and have a go. Some wicked bass players held the bottom end together whilst the rest of us played. Got some further work booked, but always space for more.

Ready and Waitin in Fulham

I have also made a start on the first level of the counselling course I promised myself I would do for some time, in order to give an extra string to the bow. The weeks feel exhausting trying to fit everything in and devote time to paperwork, tax returns, chasing money and the like. It never fails to surprise me how quick thinks go. Not long now before I travel to Belfast to work with Joe Loughlin and The Gathering Drum as well as attend the Arthur Hull RAP. Looking forward to a full week of drumming fun and making friends.

I have thought long and hard around where drumming can take us all this month, building on the mind body connections I raised last month. Kokoman Clottey in Mindful Drumming sums up alot of those thoughts ” Drumming is an ancient indigenous technology that uses the twin realities of rhythm and sound ( Or vibration ) to bring about an alignment of body, mind and spirit. It offers a medium for restoring health and wholeness ” As if to reinforce this take a look at this short video on YouTube with Christine Stevens looking at the benefits of drumming to people and communities.

Chrstine Stevens on Drumming

Now see why drumming should take an active part in your life. By using the drum we connect to ourselves and others, we communicate, express and de-stress. The result is the positive effect this has on our bodies and our emotions.

A great drum circle back in July facilitated by Christine Stevens in Camden, London. Christine is coming back next year make sure you are there.

Health, wellness and stress reduction are going to be so important for all of us as we enter into what could be a difficult time.

Drumming and the drum is an essential tool in so many ways and at so many levels from babies through to adults, from health and wellness through to education, from well elderly to special needs it can touch us all. It connects us all, provides inspiration and is scientifically proven to assist in many ways both physically, mentally and emotionally. All through playing a drum.

” Musical self – expression is a joyful and healthy means of communication available to absolutely everyone ”  Don Campbell

The expression of who we are and what we are about and sharing this expression with others is part of what drumming can be about. The use of drumming in various health arena’s to assist in healing, balance, making community, support and stress relief, being a certified HealthRhythms facilitator has continued to open my eyes to how drumming can be used in so many different environments.  Science and Medicine, people who deal with hard core scientific data continue to publish review after review of the benefits of music making and drumming across the whole spectrum of the population from babies, children with autism, adults with learning difficulties, pregnant mums, cancer care, bereavement management, conflict resolution to those sitting in the care community. This is what I am about. I finish with a great photo taken in St Albans with me drumming with the Archbishop, you see drumming reaches everyone. See you soon or even better give me a call, come and play and we can see each other sooner.

We all want to have a go.

We all want to have a go

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