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 drumming day with drum with us

Mental Health

Drum with Us has also worked with a number of special audiences and people from mental health, bereavement groups and cancer survivors and sufferers. Once again leading programs that vary from culturally specific rhythms to leading sessions exploring emotional issues at all times being lead sensitively, graciously and with humility and where appropriate with a sense of fun and adventure. Always putting the individual at the centre of the experience. The drum allows the audience regardless of age or ability to explore rhythms, their anxieties, themselves and to have fun.


Benefits of Drumming to Improve Mental Health

The drum is one of the most accessible and responsive methods to assist in :

  • Promoting health and wellness
  • Enhance psychological well being
  • Provide an emotional release,
  • Companionship,
  • Help reduce stress,
  • Improve sensory integration
  • Provide physical exercise.
  • Self expression
  • The act of creativity is essential in maintaining a healthy and balanced outlook on life.

Using Interactive Community Drum Circles and other rhythm based community events Drum with Us aim to bring children, adults, groups and families of all abilities together to create and play. Through drumming and creativity, people forge connections, build communities and together have the opportunity to express themselves rhythmically, individually and collectively. It is about learning to share your creativity, celebrate life and have lots of fun in a relaxed atmosphere.

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 Your facilitation… was absolutely, positively magical fun”
Christine Stevens, MSW, MT-BC, founder, UPBeat Drum Circles Author of The Art And Heart Of Drum Circles

I attended the hospices’ creative workshop in Woking this Saturday and particularly enjoyed the drumming session – a wonderful way to clear the mind and concentrate on inner rhythms. Thank you for leading such an inspiring training.
Creativity Workshop for Woking and Sam Beare Hospice, Woking