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Staff Room Feedback.

23453346-Illustration-depicting-a-sign-directing-to-staff-room--Stock-IllustrationI am often driven to extol the benefits of drumming on Facebook, to any one who will listen to me and from time to time write a short anecdote about the impact that I have seen. However what I really enjoy is to hear the feedback that you get from the staff during lunch time midway through a days drumming. They talk excitedly about certain children often stuff that it is impossible for me or any one to know and so it was this week. Staff talking of children who were previously unable to settle for longer than a few minutes, had learning issues, unable to follow instructions, had difficulty focussing or behavioural issues.  Yet for the time they were with me drumming they were able to follow instructions and hints, copy, sit still for an hour focus and remain calm. Something I could not really know gets staff members very excited. Also by watching the drumming sessions staff could see issues and problems with children. In a few schools they have suggested they should do drum circles on the opening morning because it would quickly bring the whole class together, remove the anxiety of the start of the school year, pupils get used to their new class mates, have fun and give the teachers a quick a clue as to some of the childs abilities. What really lifted me in one school was the care taker who came in and said it sounded fantastic, but what was needed was drumming for adults because tough times were ahead.

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