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Challenging Disability through Drumming Part 3.

A Facilitators Perspective. I am very lucky to be able to drum with a diverse number of special needs groups, which is hugely rewarding. However from a facilitators perspective I find it sometimes hard to judge if the session went well. I have realised that alot of this says more about me than it does […]

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Why Drum ?

Why do I drum ? Some of us just forget that we were initially raised on rhythm. For nine months we hear our mothers heartbeat in the womb and then we are born into a world of bright light and overpowering sound. We are surrounded by rhythm in our daily life our heart beat, the […]

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October Strains

The second toe steps into the murky world of electronic media to bring another update on drumming and anything that takes my fancy front. Its been an interesting couple of months, one of growth and also another one of reflection . Have drums will travel. ” There is no audience, no rehearsel, no right or […]

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