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Drumming and Singing in Schools.

I was drumming recently when in a short break  between circles I was chatting to a primary school teacher. We were talking about the current state of the education system, but specifically music or to some extent the lack of it. The teacher had been trying to get drumming into a school without much success. […]

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Staff Room Feedback.

I am often driven to extol the benefits of drumming on Facebook, to any one who will listen to me and from time to time write a short anecdote about the impact that I have seen. However what I really enjoy is to hear the feedback that you get from the staff during lunch time […]

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Nepal Drum Circle Fundraiser

A big thank you to all those that have donated, supported or came along and drummed for this fundraiser. I have heard from my sister in law working in Nepal. She has sent some photographs of the work being done out there and to which some of your money has gone towards. Below is some […]

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Working with Warren.

This is Warren. In 2004 Warren was involved in a horific accident, being knocked from his motorbike which left him with some horrendous and very life changing injuries. Since then he has been in various stages of rehabilitation. We met at QEF in Leatherhead where I drum regularly for the clients there. Sadly he was […]

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October Strains

The second toe steps into the murky world of electronic media to bring another update on drumming and anything that takes my fancy front. Its been an interesting couple of months, one of growth and also another one of reflection . Have drums will travel. ” There is no audience, no rehearsel, no right or […]

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