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Gently Challenge Everything.

I am an infrequent blogger, but felt moved to type a short passage to encourage fellow drum circle facilitators to challenge what they are presented with in their day to day work. Having completed in excess of 600 special needs drum circles or rhythm making events I have noticed a few common threads that run […]

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A Week In The Life.

I call myself a drum circle and rhythm event facilitator and often wondered if people really know what I do. So I thought that it might be useful to see what the day to day work of a drum circle and rhythm event facilitator entails. I took the GOPRO on the road and recorded my […]

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October Strains

The second toe steps into the murky world of electronic media to bring another update on drumming and anything that takes my fancy front. Its been an interesting couple of months, one of growth and also another one of reflection . Have drums will travel. ” There is no audience, no rehearsel, no right or […]

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