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Why Drum ?

Why do I drum ?

Some of us just forget that we were initially raised on rhythm. For nine months we hear our mothers heartbeat in the womb and then we are born into a world of bright light and overpowering sound. We are surrounded by rhythm in our daily life our heart beat, the blood coursing through our veins, the pace of our walk, our thoughts, the day becoming night, the rhythm of the tides and the cycles of nature. Yet despite all of this some of us have become disconnected from it all and ourselves.

The Drum is a way of bringing back that connectivity to ourselves and those around us be it friends, family or perfect strangers. The drum allows us to express ourselves just as we are in the moment for that moment. It requires no specialist training just your prescence, your hands and a willingness to share your rhythmical spirit. In fact those that start as shy or unwilling are soon swept up in a tide of rhythm and find themselves irresistably drawn in. There is no expectation, no expertise, no wrong notes, no years of training its just the expression of self pure and simple. The drum brings us together as community, as rhythm makers and as people to share and to support each other.

The Drum plays an enormous role in our personal well being regardless of age or ability it can reduce stress and anxiety, gives people a voice, reduces allienation and increases co-operation.



Thats why I choose to drum….so go grab your drum and come follow me.


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