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Working with Warren.

Drum with us logoThis is Warren. In 2004 Warren was involved in a horific accident, being knocked from his motorbike which left him with some horrendous and very life changing injuries. Since then he has been in various stages of rehabilitation. We met at QEF in Leatherhead where I drum regularly for the clients there. Sadly he was a guitarist, but I don’t hold that against him. An important part of my business is tithing, giving back to the community and spreading the drumming love for free. One of these is a weekly session with Warren. We have been working together for almost 6 months now. We started all that time ago initially on co-ordination and left arm and right arm, movements working slowly we always work very slowly and methodically using laughter, lots of laughter. Warren has certain diffiulties that makes the most mundane of tasks a challenge, but he has featured in the Sunday Observer and local radio. We then begin to work on rhythms once again very slowly. Some times I play the bass notes and Warren plays the tones and we then sometimes switch roles depending on tiredness or wanting to push things. If we are feeling up for it, Warren will play it all at his pace. We have quite a repetoire of rhythms now and we try and expand them as we go along. Warren is now part of that elite group, he is a drummer. By the way he is getting married on the 25th May.

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