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This sits alongside Arthur Hull's book and has practical footage of a VMC Playshop. There is some excellent footage of some very good facilitators at work including Arthur Hull, Christine Stevens and Jim Boneau to name a few. Some glimpses of facilitation training, the use of rumbles, volume control, simple and more complicated call and response as well as some boomwhacker work. It gives a flavour to Arthurs drum circle philosophy and is a useful addition.


This sits alongside Christine Stevens' first book of the same name. An excellent practical hands on DVD which gives you basic facilitation signals and techniques as well as plenty of practical examples in small group and drum circle settings. It also includes bonus footage of some of Christines work in drum circles around the world. A really useful and practical addition for the beginner DCF'er.


Another excellent resource for the beginner drum circle facilitator. A book and DVD combined which takes you through the basics of facilitation, drum circle composition, instruments and examples of games and actvities that you can use and see them working with a group. It's a little staged as they all are, but a really a good addition for the beginner. Some of the footage is now also available on youtube.


Taking your facilitation to the next level a DVD and book combined. This explores various games and activities to work with groups to explore and instigate improvisd music making. Covering a myriad of methods, drums and percussion games with some simple some a little more complex along with some simple facilitation to bring to your various groups. A must have addition to any DCF library.

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