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Exceptional People with Additional Needs

The drum is a powerful tool in the quest to challenge disability. I have worked extensively within this fabulous community of people for over 10 years and it is some of the most rewarding work that I do; bringing drumming to lots of groups and individuals once again in a relaxed environment, where the emphasis is always on fun and maximum participation to :-


     Challenge peoples perception of what we can all do and what people think we can do.

     Bring people together in a spirit of community, co-operation, listening, participation and rhythm regardless of age and            perceived ability.

     Allow personal expression regardless of perceived ability for those that find it difficult to express emotions.

     Building and understanding relationships with themselves and others.

     To inspire confidence in themsleves.

I continue to work all year round throughout Surrey, Hampshire, Kent, Berkshire, Middlesex and the Midlands with numerous organisations, weekend and holiday respite centres, care groups and individuals to empower them to make music, develop skills and have fun. Using Interactive Community Drum Circles and other rhythm based community events Drum with Us aim to bring children, adults, groups and families of all abilities together to create and play. Through drumming and creativity, people forge connections, build communities and together have the opportunity to express themselves rhythmically, individually and collectively. It is about learning to share your creativity, celebrate life and have lots of fun in a relaxed atmosphere and take those skills into everyday life.

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