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Schools and Education Drumming

I continue to work with a broad range of schools developing and tailoring specific programmes  from :


     Fun filled experiential rhythmical experiences

     Specific performance pieces.

     Programs tackling specific issues or supporting educational outcomes such as social and emotional develeopment      

     diversity , anti-bullying, violence and healthy relationships.

     Curriculum enrichment

     Curriculum support.

     Programs that can encompass skills such has leadership, listening, co-operation, co-ordination, community building and          friendship and that can challenge preconceptions within students and staff.


I have worked in schools and colleges leading and developing educational programs in support of  stress release / relief and pupil support programs prior to and during exams. Drum with Us has used its own (Person centred) and developed programs (Rhythm2Recovery) especially aimed at students and pupils to look at stress, bullying, emotional and social development, communication and emotional release through the use of the drum.

I have also developed whole school and year programmes to aid in pupil transition from primary to secondary school and 5th and 6th form programmes to look at life skills and personal skill development and understanding in preparation for later employment. 

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