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Corporate Drumming

I have spent 25 years working in the corporate world, across the globe (Europe, Middle East, Dubai, South Africa, and Jamaica) understanding time pressured  work, deadlines, team working and can bring that expertise to your session.  Using my proven skills as a manager, leader, facilitator, counsellor and drummer in a fun filled experiential experience I thoroughly enjoy empowering people to enhance and explore their companies message or learning outcome.

Introducing your team to rhythm ; exploring pulse and rhythm in improvised drumming and music making sessions and  create an interactive musical environment using drums, percussion and voice to create a  piece of work involving collaboration between all the participants. Through specific rhythm based fun activities to empower them to reflect on self, their roles and responsibilities or just to have some fun.

Using creativity and the drum to:


     Break down barriers

     Support learning and organisational development



     Enhance relationships

     Leaderships skills


     Group and Invidual empowerment.


     Confidence building

     Active listening

     Stress release

We also provide event icebreakers and conference energisers to break down barriers, motivate staff and quickly build rapport accelerating the productivity of your event.

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