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Hi I am Ray, I am the founder of Drum with Us and I facilitate drum and rhythm workshops throughout the UK for a wide spectrum of audiences. I bring my skills as a teacher, facilitator, experienced drummer and Humanistic Counsellor to all areas of my work from Schools through to Mental Health, Nuero-Diverse audiences, at risk populations and a variety of other groups and organisations. I have also spent 25 years in the public sector working around the world (Africa, Carribean, Middle East and Europe ) and able to bring my learning and skills to your session.

I have many years experience working with people with additional needs throughout the UK including regular sessions working with such groups as MENCAP, Disability Challengers, HALOW,  See-Ability, The Grange at Bookham, Treloars School and College, Queen Elizabeth Foundation and Crossroads respite provision. I have also brought drumming into other organisations such as Princesss Alice Trust, Sam Beare and Woking Hospice and Phylis Tuckwell for personal expression and exploration and also just for fun. 

Between 2017 - 2023 I was a Rhythm2Recovery trainer, which I have now relinquished. I still lead and lead programmes in schools, clubs and with specific populations to address emotional and social development, bullying, violence prevention, healthy relationships and addiction early


Welcome to Drum With Us!



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Drawing on 25 years of corporate experience to deliver focussed  messages or events or just to bring people together  to drum and have some fun

About Us

About Me


I am a humanistic counsellor, drummer and founder of Drumwithus and lead workshops throughout the UK. I am also a Rhythm2Recovery practitioner and trainer leading workshops and training events throughout the UK ( Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland ), Europe as well as in Australia and Tasmania. I am also a VMC certified drum circle facilitator.


My emphasis at all times is on fun, maximum participation and to offer a tailored experiential fun filled hands on rhythmical experience using drums, percussion and voice to create a collective rhythmical piece of work involving collaboration between all the participants.


I work extensively in leading schools, special needs groups, hospices, bereavement, mental health and counsellor groups using rhythm, specific developed protocols and my counselling skills to work with these audiences in group and personal exploration.


I am passionate about using the drum as a tool to not only teach, but also to explore ourselves and the environment we are in and to bring my skills to your classroom, the drum circle, counselling and corporate environment for group and personal growth.


Workshops and Public Events

Drumming Event

October  28th   -  Cranleigh Community Drum Circle.                                                     (2.00 - 3.00pm)


 Cranleigh Arts Centre, Cranleigh, Surrey.

Tickets £5 available below.

November   18th   -  Cranleigh Community Drum Circle.                                                     (2.00 - 3.00pm)


 Cranleigh Arts Centre, Cranleigh, Surrey.

Tickets £5 available below.


December  23rd   -  Cranleigh Community Drum Circle.                                                     (2.00 - 3.00pm)


 Cranleigh Arts Centre, Cranleigh, Surrey.

Tickets £5 available below.


Reflections on Rhythm


Reflections on Rhythm was a project born from many conversations with many facilitators scattered around the globe, but a very special mention goes to Debbie Beirne of Ruach Rhythms who really crystalised my thinking. I wanted to explore what it is that we do as facilitators, why we do it, what do we consider when we work ? The impact it has on the groups that we work with, the professionalism that we bring to these groups and the years of investment in training and continual professional development.


I wanted to celebrate our uniqueness and our similarities, the hard work we put in to what we do and get an understanding of who we all are.  I felt that it was really important to speak to facilitators at the "Coal - Face" who worked everyday with a multitude of audiences from around Europe to experience the work from as many perspectives as possible to really get a sense of who we are. In the conversations below you will get a sense of all of that and more. It really is not just about rocking up with a van load of drums. It is so much more than that and hopefully you will get the essence of what it is from the conversations that follow. 


Contact Me

For questions about events and services I can proivde as well as availability please use the form below to contact me.

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